The Vendor Selection Process To Getting High Quality Traffic With Solo Ads



When it comes to getting extremely high-quality traffic, without all the complicated stuff, Solo Ads ARE the way to go (if you do them correctly).   When you run a Solo Ad, you simply tap into someone else’s prebuilt e-mail list and send your ad in e-mail form to their list in order to build your own.


Example:   Bob doesn’t have a list, but Jim does.   With a Solo Ad, Bob simple pays Jim to send HIS CAPTURE PAGE (Bobs) out to Jim’s list.   Then when people who are on Jim’s list opens and clicks, they get sent to Bob’s capture page, and when a certain percentage of people opt-in, Bob begins to grow his list.  Easy, yes?


As you can see, it’s ALL about who you know (knowing the right “Jims” of the world), and there’s nothing complicated about it.   Again, it all comes down to knowing how to select the correct Solo Ad vendor (how to find Jim) in order to get high-quality traffic to your website FAST.


Selecting the correct vendors to purchase clicks from in your Solo Ad marketing is one of the most important steps that will either make or break the profitability of your Solo Ad marketing.

Here’s my exact vendor selection process that I follow in ordering EVERY Solo Ad which allows me to have a competitive advantage and make my Solo Ad marketing profitable:

Solo Ad Training:

The Vendor Selection Process

1.   Make sure that Solo Ad providers have a Sales Page for their Solos with GOOD TESTIMONIALS.   Look for testimonials from people who have gotten 35%+ Optin rates, with some of the testimonials saying they’ve gotten sales.


2.   Sources to get Solo Ads:

  •  Skype Groups
  • Facebook groups.   Search for these groups in your Facebook Search Bar:

Solo Ads Testimonials
Solo Ads and Adswaps
Solo Ads Secret Society
Solo Ad Providers


3.   Ask for at least 80% Top Tier Traffic…  Traffic That Comes From The Top 5 English speaking countries, U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, United   Kingdom.   People from these countries statistically buy the most IM stuff.


4.   Check for a picture or video of themselves on their Sale’s page.   When there’s a picture or video of themselves it’s less likely that they’re a scammer.


5.   Once again, read a lot of testimonials, and be on guard when people talk about 70% – 80% Optin rates… look for realistic numbers… I.E. 30%-50% Optin  Rates and 1 or 2 sales.


6.   Double check with each provider that they’re going to be sending to their own in-house list.   No exit pop-up traffic, No traffic exchanges, No click rotators, and   No Safelists, No Brokered lists.


7.   Connect with the provider personally through Skype or Facebook, never just buy directly from the sales page without talking with them. I prefer Skype because it’s easy to complete the transaction quickly.


8.   Questions to ask them:

1.    Can you send using my swipe copy? (Only purchase from vendors who say they will use your swipe copy).
2.   Again, ask for 85% Top Tier Traffic.   If they say 75%, that’s ok… But ideally 80%+
3.   Ask when the last time was that they sent for offer XYZ (your offer)?   Look for people who haven’t sent for it for at least 2-3 weeks.
4.   How long will it take you to deliver?   Look for 72 hours TOPS.


9.   Pricing: How much do you charge per click?   Ask for .20% under what they reply, and don’t go above .70 CPC (Cost Per Click) for top tier traffic.   Whatever their initial price is, negotiate, and try to get it lowered by 15%-20%.


10.   After you’ve found a vendor who matches all the criteria listed above, buy a 200 click package to test and double check responsiveness.   I buy 200 clicks because if your capture page is converting at 40%-50%, that will give me 80-100 leads.   With 80-100 leads coming through my funnel, I want at least 1 sale.   When I see those numbers, 40%-50% opt-in rates, and a sale from 80-100 leads, it’s time to scale.


11.   Scaling:   The main thing to remember is not to rush the scaling process.   Scale from 200 clicks to 300 clicks, and look for the same numbers in relative percentages.   Look for 40%-50% opt-in rates, and at least one sale from every 80-100 leads added that come through your funnel.   If your numbers continue to stay consistent across the board, continue to scale.


The key with Solo Ads is to find 5-10 providers who will send high-quality clicks that you can consistently go back to and purchase from on a monthly basis.   Right now I get almost all of my traffic from about 5 vendors who I know will send high-quality traffic that will convert on a consistent basis.

To track your Solo Ads, I recommend using ClickMagick, a software that will allow you to not only track total amount of clicks sent, but also conversions, and what % of Top Tier Traffic that the vendors sent.   It’s by far the most complete tracking software available in Internet Marketing, a profession where tracking is everything.

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