Staying Upbeat When Life Throws A CurveBall

BAM!           KABOOM!           POW!

Have you ever planted a garden?
Dig up the soil, put the seeds in, water, fertilize, pull the weeds, provide the sunshine and more water, and ~~~~
In a matter of days, the seedlings are popping through, standing up with pride higher and higher to full maturity…

Whether you’re a farmer in the field using big, fancy, computerized equipment, or you’re in your backyard with a tiller and hoe, the concept is still the same.


This is the same method we use when building an online business.
 We set ourselves up with the right equipment (computer, Wifi, proven system).
We get the training so we know what the heck to do (follow the directions on the seed packet).
We follow the proven system, listen to our coaches, use our new-founded knowledge (fertilize).
We eliminate all naysayers and negativity (pull the weeds).
We give it our all (sunshine and water)…
I invite you to plant your garden and watch with amazement as your seeds turn into the beauty and abundance you deserve…
Be grateful for all your achievements, and take the time to smell the roses!
But sometimes life throws us a curveball…

I was 124 miles away helping my mother like I do most weekends, (she’s 80).  I knew it was storming in my area from watching the news at her house.


My neighbor called to tell me that my yard was a disaster!

BAM!!           KABOOM!           POW!

That all my hostas and lilies were shredded.  We had terrible storms with golf-ball size hail.  Yup, he was right!  Not only my beautiful plants and flowers were a mess but my yard was full of branches and leaves, AND I have a broken window in the back of my house!!
I guess I am somewhat fortunate that only the outer pane shattered, so the inside pane is still intact.  But either way, it still needs to be replaced.

I have to keep telling myself that many others have it much worse!  There are tornadoes that destroy a whole house and kill people.



There are illnesses that take our loved ones away from us forever.  There are Amber Alerts all the time lately with children being lost or taken.
I guess we should stop comparing ourselves to everyone else…The Jones’s, the Johnson’s, the Smith’s…
Right now I need to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time and be happy it’s just my plants and just one window.
It could be worse.  It’s like a business… sometimes life throws us a curveball… results don’t always come fast enough… we work and work, invest in ourselves for the business, advertise, promote, do everything the way we are supposed to… and then one day it happens… results, even small results are STILL results!
I will continue to be grateful for what is good…my children, my mother, my health, and this awesome work I do with The Super Affiliate Network.
I love it!  I hope you are enjoying all the good people and things in your life.
Sometimes it’s hard to see all the good, but it’s right in front of our tired eyes, if only we could see…
Stacy Hoehn
If You Ever Have Any Questions
I’m A Phone Call Away…
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P.S. This is the window that broke!


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