Sometimes We Have To Move Out Of Our Comfort Zone To Get Results

Between birthday parties for my boy who now is a teenager (13), to spring yard work,

and traveling 124 miles on the weekend to help my mother, seems I’m having a hard

time focusing on my online business…  

The truth is many folks are dealing with the same issues.

Within The Super Affiliate Network, there has been a number of members who put

time, effort, travel, and money into starting their business and then dropping off after

a few short months.  They saw that it does take effort and time to see the results they were hoping for.

I’ll admit, this is a lot of work!

 Isn’t laboring at a job all day a lot of work?  How about when the boss tells you to do something and you do NOT want to do it?

Or when there is mandatory training that you must attend?

Better yet, mandatory overtime?

We are being pulled in all directions, having to do this, do that, when many times it takes us out of our comfort zone…  

Here is a video I did about just that…  This is a video challenge my Mentors put me on!

I am definitely out of my comfort zone!

We only live once!  Why not live out your dreams?

This is hoping you will learn from other’s choices,

and keep moving forward…


Stacy Hoehn


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