Rabbits Are Cute But 4 Of Them?





Around where I live it’s getting harder and harder to sit indoors working on the computer.

The weather has been gorgeous!  Yes, I have a laptop that could be taken outside with me, but for some reason, I don’t care for it!

I would rather be at a desk with a PC.

Lately, when I’ve been outside on my front porch my thoughts have been interrupted with what’s moving around in the yard…

I have four flea-infested rabbits playing and running in circles.

I say flea infested because that’s what my Vet says that rabbits are the worst for fleas.

If you have dogs or cats make sure to put their flea and tick product

on them to avoid them bringing in fleas and ticks.  I’ve had to learn the

hard way on keeping up with that!

I have several birdhouses, and inside my log cabin birdhouse is a bird’s nest made out of small sticks, and the bird is a little chickadee.

She makes beautiful sounds all day… Love watching and listening to her sing her songs…

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Stacy Hoehn



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