Life Is Too Short

“If you’re sick and tired of being stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to make money online, then keep on reading, because this is the SINGLE TRUTH about making REAL money online.  And the simple 4-Step System that unlocks nine red-hot income streams, and allows you to earn up to $2,621.17 in the next seven days…  All on complete autopilot!”



This was the exact ad I answered when I was desperately seeking a new way to provide for my son and me.  It was a time in my life I want to forget, but I’m afraid the memory will be with me always.   I needed to take a new path, that much was certain.  Life is too short for simply waiting around in hopes of things getting better on their own…

You need to, no YOU MUST, take charge of your future and your finances…  Only you can change!  Only I needed to change!  No one can change your circumstances except you!

That reality hit me the hardest the day I got escorted out the door of my second home, my job of 23 years.   I loved my job, took pride in it, was proud to work for that company.  I did everything possible to get my work done cost-efficiently.  I worked safe, diligently, contently, and hard.  I got fired…

I started my online business knowing it would be hard, it would take effort and lots of smart work on my part to succeed…  I looked at what others were achieving and knew I could do the same if I studied what they were doing…

I started with The Super Affiliate Network in August of 2016…  I’ll admit I didn’t do much with it until October…  Once I got going in the training and boot camp there was no stopping me!  My goal was to at least be able to earn enough to survive.  I honestly did not think it was possible to earn a good amount.

I heard about others making lots of money with affiliate marketing, but I still wasn’t convinced that I COULD DO IT!  If I can do this type of work after 23 years of working outdoors for eight hours every day for a utility company, then anyone who has remotely had administrative experience, computer knowledge, or marketing skills could do this on a much higher level than me.

I came into this depressed, humiliated, and simply lost…  I was the underdog.  This “working at home”  concept looked very intriguing, but I never imagined it could ease my grief of being humiliated, embarrassed, FIRED!  I also couldn’t imagine I could REALLY make money

As of today March 17, 2017,  my results have put me onto the leaderboard within The Super Affiliate Network…  I am in complete awe of this entire system.

Yes, it takes time and effort, but WOW, it’s so worth it!  I make money!  Did you read that?  I make money! Yes, this “working at home” does WORK…

For a “blue collar” employee this is a reality I never thought could be mine…

The Super Affiliate Network’s family gave me hope and needed encouragement.  It feels so good to hear kind words of encouragement from the coaches and mentors here!  We are truly appreciated here at The Super Affiliate Network…   Life is too short to not be treated the way we all deserve to be treated…

The Super Affiliate Network brought back ME…  The very same person who worked hard all those years to raise and support my two older children.  I am back!  I can continue to provide and earn!

Guess what?

I am exactly where I want to be…      Are You?

Stacy Hoehn 















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    Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

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