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Today I want to talk about a goal setting exercise that will allow you to sort out and measure your goals, and then also look at the importance of knowing your numbers in order to help you hit your goals faster.

If you are interviewing a new coaching client and listening to him as he speaks of his goals with his Internet Marketing business, you will learn whether or not you can help this client by what he says his goals are for his business.  We are more or less qualifying him as a coaching client, and getting an idea if we can actually help this individual.

The process we need to take him through is one which I will share with you.

Many people have a tendency to set big goals…such as they want to make 6-figures per year, 7-figures per year, or multiple 6-figures…whatever that goal is.

While these are great goals to have, the mistake clients make is that beyond mentioning the goal as a whole, they don’t break that…sort of…huge goal…down into smaller, measurable, more attainable goals.

The first step in breaking your huge main goal down is to know exactly where you want to go.

So, let’s say for example that your goal is to be making $100,000 per year. You take that $100,000 and divide it by twelve…and that gives you a figure of $8,333 per month.

So this is the first very important step…to find your monthly goal.

Next, you want to divide that figure by the number of days in a month… So you’re bringing it down to a daily goal of roughly $277.  Then you know exactly how much you need to make every single day.

So now you need to know what you’re promoting, and how much money you make when someone purchases what you’re promoting.

As an example, if you’re a Pro member in The Super Affiliate Network you’ll earn $1000 commission when someone buys that Pro membership.

You will earn a $207 commission when someone purchases the Annual membership, etc.

So, again, you have to know exactly what you’re promoting and how much you will earn in commissions for purchases made for the various products or product.

At this point in the process, things basically become a numbers game.

So if you need to be making $277 per day….and using The Super Affiliate Network as an example once again…that’s one Pro sale just about every four days.

In addition, you need to know what your upgrade percentages are, and you need to do certain things to go ahead and increase your upsell percentage.

You also need to know exactly how many members or what percentage of members are upgrading, on average.

If you know, for example, that one out of every five members upgrade…of course some opportunities will have higher levels, on average, and others will have lower upgrade percentages, on average…but the average used for this example again comes from The Super Affiliate network, and how the averages are working out in that opportunity.
Once you know that one out of every five new members upgrades, you know that you need to make five sales in order to make Pro commissions.

If you need to make one Pro commission every four days… it comes down to making five front-end sales within a four day period… and you will actually surpass your earning’s goal of making $8,333 per month… roughly $277 per day.

When you narrow down your main huge goal and make it measurable that’s when goals are reachable.

You can even break this earning’s goal down further by asking yourself how many hours per day do you have to invest in your business?

If you currently only have the availability to work part-time on your online marketing business and that means you only have two hours per day to invest in your business…during those couple hours you need to be working on activities that will produce roughly $135 to $140 per hour in order to hit your goal.
Let’s round up to $300 per day as your goal… then you need to be spending your time on activities that account $150 per hour.

So you don’t want to spend all your time tweaking your little image on your blog… you don’t need to spend all of your time making your Lead Capture page just that tiny bit better.

You don’t want to spend all your time on your Social Media page designs… or editing your videos so they are flawless.

You want to spend your time on high-impact activities…meaning high-impact / minimum-effort.

Focus on creating offers that people will buy… creating new bonus offers that will increase front-end sales… putting together webinar slides, then presenting them over webinars.

Those are the high-impact activities that you want to focus on.
Let’s boost your productivity time up a bit… to you having four hours per day to invest in your online business rather than two…

You may want to focus on creating an offer for an hour… then putting together webinar slides for another hour, or hour and a half.

Now switch over to creating content that’s more of a long-term strategy… even though it may be a little bit lower leverage… maybe only a $75 per hour activity… it absolutely is one that will help you with your authority positioning in the marketplace, long-term.

You spend that extra time implementing an extra step that will set you up for easier sales down the road.

This is exactly how we should be setting goals, and then narrowing them down.

That’s how I find exactly how much I need to make every single day… and then literally every single hour.

That’s how I determine which activities I focus on in my business.
So, whenever you have a big goal, narrow it down first… monthly… then daily… then hourly.

Spend your time extremely wisely because it is the only thing you don’t get back…

and if you spend time focusing on the wrong activities, you’re not going to reach your goals.


True?  Makes Sense?  Let me know with your comment below…


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