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For an Internet Marketer, blogging can be one of the more misunderstood aspects of the business.   In today’s blog post I want to talk about blogging... and specifically, where blogging fits into the overall picture of your Internet Marketing business.

Keeping in mind that every component of your business needs to be there for a reason… blogging is there for a very specific reason, as well.   There’s really two reasons that blogging is there.


First, it’s there to help you create a relationship with your audience.   When you’re generating traffic… when you’re generating leads on a very consistent basis…. you start to build an email list.

Your blog plays a critical role in this phase of relationship building, as it is where you bring people back to and share with those people what’s working for you in your business, which in turn strengthens that relationship, develops rapport and responsiveness with that audience.   This, in turn, leads to them joining your team or to buying a product that you promote or simply recommend.

Remember, we only get paid when people join our teams or buy products from us.   The only way people do that is if we have rapport and responsiveness built up with them.

 How have you built that rapport and responsiveness with your audience by consistently and predictably creating problem-solving content?


Secondly, what blogging is really good for is that it serves as a means of leveraging your marketing skills which eventually result in more traffic, lead generation, and sales… and this is when it starts to get really powerful.

When you create that problem-solving content over a long enough period of time and you do your target market research correctly… and create your customer avatar… what’s going to happen is that over a certain period of time is that your blog will build up authority… people will start coming to your blog very consistently… and people will start opting-in through your lead magnet that you have on your blog… and also becoming leads and becoming buyers.

So, more or less what your blog does is two-fold.

First, it builds a relationship with your audience.

But secondly… and more important and more exciting for you…

When you generate that problem-solving content over a certain period of time… when you develop rapport with an audience over time… when people return to your blog to consume your content… having a lead magnet, little sidebar opt-in form, or lead box pop-up in your P.S. line of your blog… there is no question that people will… sooner or later… go ahead and put their name on your blog, become a lead for you and your business, buy a product from you or join your team.

A lead that you generate through blogging is so much more responsive than a lead that you generate through…let’s say Solo Ads or Facebook Ads.   Why?  because they’ve come to your blog… they’ve ingested some of your problem-solving content, and then after that, they’ve decided to take action and opt-in to your blog.   So the relationship is already there, prebuilt… which is extremely valuable for you and your business.

So really what your blog’s main purpose is… is to be a content hub, and to be a medium through which you can provide valuable content to your readers…generate leads through those readers… then after they’ve opted-in to your list, you continue the relationship building process through daily emails to your list, and through other mediums such as doing Facebook Lives and weekly webinars…eventually turning your followers into customers for life.

So figure out what your ideal target market’s problems are.

Whether it be traffic generation, lead generation, closing, phone sales, etc.   Figure out what the struggles are for your target market.

Create content that is tailored to solving those problems and you’ll immediately have the rapport built with the audience.


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