How Often Should I E-mail My List, And What Should I E-mail Them?


Today’s post comes from a question that many students ask.  If you’re new to Internet Marketing this is a topic of great importance for whatever level of your marketing you currently find yourself.

The question was how to convert more leads into sales and in regards to a follow-up strategy that we all should learn.

The strategy was talk radio e-mail which is a style that consists of sending one e-mail in the morning and one e-mail in the evening.

The e-mail in the morning being more content rich and story driven, and the e-mail the evening being more short, punchy, and designed specifically to drive people over to a sales page, vs providing value like the morning e-mail.

I think one of the things we struggle with the most is worrying about coming up with enough emails so people aren’t getting the same messages over and over.

So, for those who have been on someone’s list for a period of time, and is regularly cycling through messages…people seeing the same message more than once.

And then secondly, we seem to be concerned with simply sending a large volume of emails.

So first it’s important to understand that the overall strategy behind talk radio e-mail is to send frequent emails to your list to almost create a “self-cleaning oven effect ” for your list.

You absolutely will get more unsubscribes. People might not resonate with a certain message that you sent, and they might unsubscribe. But what you want to keep in mind is that it’s not about the size of your lists, it’s the response of your list.

If you’re consistently providing content…if you’re consistently solving problems and consistently telling entertaining stories… if you’re consistently putting content in front of your audience that they like consuming in the morning…

The people who truly resonate with your message in the morning won’t just leave in the evening when you send your short link-driven, punchy e-mail that’s designed specifically to send people over to a sales page.

The people that can’t necessarily take that short, punchy, link driven email may likely unsubscribe, but that’s fine… because if they can’t take that e-mail in the afternoon, and they don’t resonate with your message enough to just stick through one sales message, chances are that they will never purchase anything from you in the future anyway.

So that’s the primary thought process behind talk radio e-mail.

Don’t worry about the unsubscribes… don’t worry about people seeing a message more than once… don’t worry about people you know getting hit with a lot of your emails, because as long as you are providing content… solving problems… and you’re being entertaining in that first e-mail in the morning people will go ahead and stick around through that p.m. message. If they don’t… you don’t want them on your list.

The second question we often ask is around the topic of bonuses… specifically in regards to how to create bonuses that convert more leads into sales.

Creating bonuses is one of the smartest things you can do in your business, and that there actually is a little bit of the science behind creating bonuses that really work, and that convert the maximum number of leads into sales… vs just creating a bonus that maybe just gives away more free content that nobody wants.

But more or less what you need to look at is that when you’re promoting your opportunity… when you’re promoting The Super Affiliate Network or any other offer… there is most likely a thousand plus other affiliates promoting competing offers or opportunities.

So what you want to do in order to differentiate yourself, is to provide something on top of what the system is providing, in order to make the customers who already have seen an offer similar to yours… to want to purchase specifically from you.

So what I personally like doing is… I like looking at the system and at specifically what it provides, and then looking at what the system is missing that would take the prospect from where they currently are… to where they want to be.

In order to be successful online you need an offer… you need traffic… you need leads… and finally, you need follow-up.

So, an example of offer creation would be… if your opportunity provides the offer and follow-up… maybe you can go ahead and provide traffic and leads. That type of bonus, given the opportunity, would most likely have the most overall impact on your marketing strategy.

If you want to, you can provide more on top of those bonuses… maybe extra training… extra interviews with leaders… extra coaching sessions with you, etc.

But my personal journey always works out best when I find the value gap, by looking at what your offer provides… looking at what’s missing from what your offer’s providing to the marketplace… and then filling that gap with your bonuses.

If you do that, you won’t go wrong… and you’ll see a much higher conversion rate from lead to sale.

So stay focused on creating rock-solid bonuses… focus on putting your offer in front of your audience over and over again with solid e-mail follow-up using talk radio email.

And don’t worry about sending e-mails to your list too often. Send one in the morning and one in the evening.

Focus on making the one in the morning good enough that people will want to stick around through that one in the evening… and you can’t really go wrong.

All The Best,

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