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Many marketers within the Internet Marketing space struggle when it comes to producing content. I am no different…and the thought of having to come up with ideas and produce content daily, or at least five days per week, simply drove me right into a state of overwhelm, and landed me in a state of inaction when it came to producing content daily.


In today’s blog, I want to share with you a strategy for your content creation efforts that has saved me a ton of time, effort, and energy…and has allowed me to get much done… more quickly… and in a more efficient manner, when it comes to my own business.


We often hear Internet Marketers discuss the importance of shooting videos daily.

Videos are without a doubt one of the best ways to develop “know, like, and trust” with your subscribers, or just viewers in general.

Your viewers see that there is an actual real person behind all the emails and links to the sales pages that hit their inboxes daily.

Providing video content (recorded or Facebook LIVES)… writing a blog post every day… writing an e-mail to your list each day, etc., vastly increases the chances of customers warming up to you, liking you, and eventually making them want to keep following you and absorbing your content, wherever you go on the Internet.

However, the truth is that for me and my own personal marketing experience… getting in the mental space to create a video every single day, unless I have an extreme level of structure in my day-to-day routine… is quite often a struggle.

I experience that high level of structure at certain points in my life… but not consistently. I have found that I  have to get myself in a different head space to create videos.

So, a strategy that works well is to create 10 videos in bulk, moving forward for the next 10 days…in order to have some sort of value to provide to your audience.

One way for you to knock out a bunch of videos would be to fire up your camera or iPhone, which is mounted on the windshield in your car. Then choose a couple nice, scenic areas to drive to. I find that checking out beautiful and relaxing scenery really helps when it comes to shooting videos. Next, try to get 10 videos done before you go home.

The videos that I shoot are usually around four to six minutes in length. I usually get about 10 videos done over the course of an hour. Sometimes you may have to do a few or several takes for some of your videos early on in your process… but this is just part of the journey, and will naturally occur less as you get more comfortable in front of the camera. What this allows you to do is arrive home that afternoon or evening with 10 different pieces of content.

Planning out your content, of course, involves a strategy.

You always want to have your phone or some other dictation device so you can make notes whenever you have an idea for a piece of content. You then can refer back to that recording when you are shooting your next video, whether it be driving around in your car… sitting in your home office… or on a beautiful beach or other scenic location.

So, now that you have created 10 videos in bulk, which will serve as valued content for your audience for the next 10 days…

Now literally, all you need do is sit down and write out a quick blog post that’s related to what your videos about… write out a quick email to send to your list… and BOOM!…

Just like that you now have a video with content…a blog post with content… an email that goes out to your list that then shoots your subscribers over to your blog to watch your video, read your content, and become more familiar with you, your attractive character, your persona… and that relationship that you’re building with your list.

This strategy has literally saved me so much time.

It has allowed me to streamline my daily processes much more efficiently. I know on certain days I need to create videos.. and then on other days, I don’t need to create videos.

I don’t need to try to get myself into that mental head space every single day in order to present content… in order to create a video… in order to find that space which is a little bit different for me.

Clearly, if you are integrating Facebook LIVES into your marketing… you can still utilize this strategy to help you plan out your upcoming Facebook LIVES for the next 10 days.

Many leaders within our Internet Marketing space use this strategy. Kate McShea has talked about this… Ray Higdon has talked about implementing this strategy in his own business.

Once I started implementing this in my own business, it has had a huge impact on my levels of productivity, and how much I get done in a specific period of time.


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