If you are new to affiliate marketing… I want you to know~I was new too not that long ago.  Welcome to my site!!

I started with The Super 
in August of 2016. 
 My progress was very slow as I 
through the 21-day boot camp.

It was all very overwhelming 
to me at the 
time.  This is normal!

I had tried other online ventures in 
hopes of making lots of money.  
It ended up I lost a lot of money!

The Super Affiliate Network is by 
far the best 
way to earn online.  
With all that Misha Wilson 
it would 
take years to completely digest all 
the material.

It has been very rewarding
 growing and 
learning throughout
 all the ups and downs, with many 
questions and setbacks.

Life has not been easy, but I am 
extremely grateful for 
all I have learned.  I was most likely 
the same as many.  

When I was searching 
for "Work from home" opportunities
 I opted
 into Ace and Rich Guzman's email
 list unknowingly.  
After reading their emails for
 many months I joined 
the system.

I have grown tremendously in
 knowledge, and you will too.  
I am now on the leaderboards 
The Super Affiliate Network, 
and my goal 
is to reach six figures a year.

  Here you will find all 
the tools to move 
forward with your online business.

As we learn a new profession 
there will be times
 we wonder why we are doing this.  
Besides earning a living 
my WHY is to have 
time freedom and the ability to
 work from home.

To my great surprise, The Super 
Affiliate Network has 
provided all that and so much more.

Within the Facebook groups of The 
Super Affiliate Network, 
The Super Affiliate
 Network Pro Club,
 and The Maui Intensive Coaching 
And Mentorship Club I have 
found a warm family. 
 As you progress you will see
 what I'm talking about...

Besides this awesome 
family, I have two 
grown kids, and one at home.  

They are the "Loves" of my life!

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