This Coach Is Down Under, And He’s 1 Of The Best!

 People come from all over in our business…

Today I promised to tell you about Dan Muscat.  Dan and his wife (Starzy) both are members here at The Super Affiliate Network.

Dan is also one of the coaches.
As members we, all are assigned a coach.
Most Tuesday evenings Dan coaches us over a live broadcast helping with our email marketing, our solo ad questions,
our websites, with our blog posts, or whatever it is we are needing help with.
Dan lives in Australia so the time difference is extreme.
I had the privilege to meet Dan while in Maui, Hawaii for training.
Left to right:  Jean-Pierre Le Bourveau, Dan Muscat, Coach Ace and Rich Guzman
Did I  mention Dan has also reached the six-figure mark with The Super Affiliate Network?

Here is EXACTLY what he’s been doing to make sales almost every single day, and exactly

what he’s doing to drive big back-end sales, with almost zero extra work.

Check out this video CLICK HERE
I hope you enjoy learning about the truly awesome people In this organization…
We are family!!  If you’d like to learn more, click here...
To The Top,
Stacy Hoehn


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